Read what Richie Stott thinks of our ” The complete Works Facial”

Richie Stott – Director of Propel Brands There's no point beating around the bush; I am worried about the lines under my eyes. S

The treatment - About Man, The Complete Works Facial, allow 75 minutes.
Scheduling time out of the office for a facial seemed excessive, but after the session, I had with a skin expert at Auckland’s first luxury men's clinic I understand now why it's essential.
Once I had aired my concerns: the look of fatigue I carry around under my eyes - the treatment began with deep cleansing, followed by some serious skin buffing, in my case an exfoliating peel. Next, the sonophoresis machine (which sounds like high-pitch whale music) helps push vitamins A and C from the skin serums deep into my complexion. The firm massage, (not going to lie this is the best part of this session), and finally the LED light (known as Omnilux Plus Light) helps hydrate and brighten my face. At least 60 minutes of this 75-minute facial is a dream. Yes, it's designed to correct my concerns, with cleansing, hydrating and brightening, however, once the lights are dim and the massage begins, I did apologise in advance for nodding off, (it's hard to report back on a facial when you’re asleep) - the results speak volumes.
The verdict?
The exfoliation, light therapy and hands-on massage, combined with the brow tidy gave a look of freshness to my skin that has helped erase five years from my face. It's worth every cent of the $260 - and to quote The Terminator - 'I'll be back'.