The truth about peels

We answer some of the most common questions about Skin Peels

Who should have a skin peel? Almost every skin benefits from a Skin Peel. There are many options available, depending on skin type and skin concern. A skilled and knowledgeable therapist will be able to point you in the right direction for which is best suited to your skin type and your particular concerns.

Peels have had a bad rap over the past few years, how have they improved? I think the “bad rap” is more to do with people not fully understanding what a Skin Peel treatment is and how it can benefit their skin. People may worry a skin peel will leave them with flaking or “peeling” skin. Peels have a range of intensity from superficial to deeper. They work in different two ways, firstly they exfoliate, and secondly, they hydrate by allowing the product to penetrate more effectively.

The majority of peels won’t make you peel and have little or no downtime. Some deeper peels can make your skin flake superficially. If this were the most beneficial skin peel for you, your skin expert would discuss this with you before the treatment. Peels are of particular benefit to areas like face, neck, decollete and hands, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evening out skin colour and exfoliating to help treat acne scars and sun damage.

What peels do you offer at About Man? At About Man, we have a large “toolbox” to work from, including gentle peels like lactic acid, enzyme and several others. Our Skin Experts will make a bespoke Skin Plan for you keeping in mind your skin type, concerns and your budget to give you the best results. By having a large variety of peels to choose from, we tailor make your treatment on the day as to what your skin needs.

Our two newest Ultraceuticals peels, A-Zyme and Radiance Plus+ treatments are heavy hitters and have proven to be very popular and specifically target different skin concerns. The  Radiance Plus+ treatment is perfect for those concerned with pigmentation, sunspots and age spots. If you have a wedding, a special event coming up or are concerned with pigment, this is the treatment for you! The A-Zyme Peel treatment is fantastic for those concerned with fine lines, premature ageing or dull, dehydrated skin.

What results can you expect to see? You can expect to see visible results after one treatment; however, we usually recommend a series of peel for some skin conditions.  Your skin should feel and look smoother, brighter and fresher.  Peels help stimulate cell turnover and improve skin cell function. You will notice a knock-on effect after every treatment you have.   Some skin concerns do take longer to treat, and you may require several.

What is the best season to have a skin peel? Peels are safe to have all year round, but you do need to be careful with your UV exposure particularly if you're having them to help with pigmentation, this is because your fresh new skin is now sitting at the top. Make sure you are wearing a great quality SPF daily and topping up during the day, wear a cap and sunglasses as well when in the sun.  We recommend EltaMD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40 as it’s a physical sunscreen works as soon as you apply it. Chemical-based sunscreens, usually have a stand-down period of 30mins after application. EltaMD is available in clinic only. 

Can peels be used in conjunction with other skin treatments? Peels are fine as a stand-alone treatment however we firmly believe by combing treatments together you dramatically improve the effectiveness and results. For example directly after a peel is an ideal time to infuse other serums for best results. So by doing a vitamin infusion after your peel, or treatment mask you are getting maximum results. 

What's your best skin peel tip? Ask your Skin Expert lots of questions! Are they are experienced and know the products they are working with inside out. What benefits does this have for your skin?  Listen to your therapist's aftercare advice, and stick to it!  Most importantly wear your physical SPF 30+ religiously and keep a hat on if you are out in the sun.