Treat your skin to an intensive light therapy mini course
7 lights and 1 skin peel over 4 weeks is only $699, normally $939*

Let’s clear your acne! Our medical grade blue light targets the bacteria that cause acne, destroying it without damaging normal tissues. It works with the body’s natural processes to heal and restore skin back to health. Combined with the healing power of the red light, as well as skin peels, this powerful alternative to harmful drugs can deliver excellent results for acne sufferers.

Revive your dry summer skin or get ‘help in a hurry’ for your upcoming event! If you’re part of a wedding party and have left your skin prep to the last minute, our skin revive plan is perfect for you. A combination of red and plus lights helps minimise the signs of ageing by stimulating the skin’s natural production of collagen. It’s great at restoring cells back to optimum health and leaves your skin fresh and radiant.
Come in and chat to us about which of these skin plans is right for you.
*For a limited time, offer ends 31st March 2019.