Skin concerns

Pigmentation/Sun Damage

What causes pigmentation (brown spots and sun spots)?

UVR radiation from the sun causes your collagen and elastin fibres to breakdown at a much faster rate (leading to fine lines and wrinkles) and also causes excessive pigmentation.

Pigmentation is also often associated with hormones but can be treated very effectively with IPL and/or Lasers and a good quality SPF. Pigmentation is aggravated by sluggish liver function from diet and lifestyle factors and stress.

About Man treatments for pigmentation:

The Complete Works - $260.00

Just like a well tailored suit, this three-step skin treatment is designed especially to suit your skin and covers all bases for maximum impact! This custom made treatment uses the latest advanced technology to target signs of ageing. This ultimate skin treatment is a perfect one off for when you need to bring your “A Game” or taken regularly as the ultimate in anti ageing maintenance. This treatment is a cut above the rest and is for the discerning man, serious about taking care of his skin.

Allow 75 minutes.*

The Game Changer – Skin courses

If your skin concerns go a little deeper - redness, ageing, acne scarring, sun damage or pigmentation, we have a range of non-invasive options in our tool box and will work with you on a customised plan to fix your skin or to halt ageing in its tracks.

Our artillery includes worldwide gold standard Laser treatments to have you looking years younger fast, micro needling to strengthen your skin and reduce acne scars or treatments to remove pigment and redness.

These advanced, hi-tech appointments are usually sold as a package or a series of treatments for dynamic improvement. The first step is to book in to see us for an in-depth check - $55  - POA

Monthly The Complete Works facial is recommended, with laser every third month.

Lifestyle Tips for pigmentation:

The number one thing you can do is avoid sun exposure and wear daily sunscreen on the face and neck. Wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat when in the sun! Try to reduce stress where you can. For home care use products high in vitamins A and C and take a fish oil supplement. You may also benefit from a liver cleanse or from seeing a naturopath for more individual advice.