Skin concerns

Dry & Sensitive

What causes dryness, sensitivity, rosacea and psoriasis?

Dry skin can be hereditary but there are other causes that may exasperate it. A low fat diet will increase dryness, low water intake and excessive UV exposure. Incorrect skin care can also dry skin out and it will also occur with a lack of essential fatty acids

Skin that is in a stressed, inflamed state can be caused by internal or hereditary factors, surface factors (such as a reaction to products applied, topical steroids, post laser treatment or surgery) or disease (eczema, asthma). As you age your skin also becomes more sensitive.

About Man treatments for sensitivity, rosacea and psoriasis:

The Skin Saver - $130.00

If your skin is prone to irritation from shaving, ingrown hairs or just needs a little TLC, this is the one for you.  Resuscitate your skin and seriously relax, designed to suit sensitive skin, this treatment revives, strengthens and soothes. A gentleman’s take on the classic facial, with more hands on massage.
Allow 60 minutes.*

The Game Changer – Skin courses

If your skin concerns go a little deeper - redness, ageing, acne scarring, sun damage or pigmentation, we have a range of non-invasive options in our tool box and will work with you on a customised plan to fix your skin or to halt ageing in its tracks.

Our artillery includes worldwide gold standard Laser treatments to have you looking years younger fast, micro needling to strengthen your skin and reduce acne scars or treatments to remove pigment and redness.

These advanced, hi-tech appointments are usually sold as a package or a series of treatments for dynamic improvement. The first step is to book in to see us for an in-depth check - $55  - POA

Lifestyle Tips for dryness, sensitivity, rosacea and psoriasis:

For dryness: Increase your water intake to at least two 750ml bottles of water per day. Also increase the essential fatty acids in your diet (eat more fatty fish such as salmon, plus more walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and LSA) or take a fish oil supplement.

For sensitivity: Topically Vitamin A and E and Colostrum help with healing and normalising the skin. Avoid use of topical steroids, drying masks and foaming cleansers. Internally high Essential Fatty Acids (found in oily fish, leafy green vegetables, nuts and Efamol supplements), Vitamin B and Zinc are great to heal skin. Try to eat as close to nature as possible and test to see if you have a dairy or wheat allergy. Other things to avoid include spicy hot foods, alcohol and coffee. Try to avoid preservatives and consider seeing a naturopath for more individual advice. Avoid sun exposure and apply a sunscreen on your face daily. Try to minimise stress and exposure to hot and cold temperatures and water extremes.